Bridging the Digital Divide in Utah!

Congressman Burgess Owens Visits CentraCom

FAIRVIEW, UT — US Congressman Burgess Owens, along with the Utah Broadband Center and Horrocks, had an important meeting with CentraCom in Fairview, Utah. The focus? Ensuring affordable broadband access for all, propelling our area of the state towards a more connected and equitable future.

The discussion touched on a range of critical points:

  1. Digital Equity: Our shared vision is to foster digital equity, where every individual has equal access to educational, economic, and social opportunities that the digital world offers.
  2. Broadband Affordability: Making high-speed internet accessible to all, regardless of income, is a priority. We're committed to exploring innovative solutions to ensure nobody gets left behind.
  3. BEAD Funding: We discussed the potential of Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment (BEAD) funding to accelerate connectivity initiatives across our great state. By investing wisely, we can achieve widespread digital inclusion.
  4. Enhanced ACAM: Leveraging the power of the Alternative Connect America Cost Model to bring quality internet to even the most remote areas, ensuring that geography is no longer a barrier to connectivity.

We're thankful for the commitment shown by US Congressman Burgess Owens, Utah Broadband Center, and Horrocks to work with CentraCom. This collaborative effort demonstrates a commitment to building a stronger and more inclusive Utah, where opportunities are not limited by geography or economic status. Stay tuned for more updates as we work tirelessly to turn these discussions into actions that uplift our communities.