How many Internet Connected devices are in your home?

You may be surprised how many devices you have in your home. The average home has over 5 devices. Do you wish movies and music could be downloaded more quickly? Each connected device will use Internet bandwidth leaving less for other devices. For example, Netflix recommends a 10Mbps connection for each account streaming to only two devices. CentraCom has the Internet speeds to meet your growing needs. We offer Internet speeds that will help all your connected devices do more, faster, from streaming movies to researching homework assignments and more. More speed keeps your devices happy. Add more speed today.

CentraCom Cable TV customers have a convenient new way to enjoy TV.

WatchTVEverywhere streams some of your favorite channels—including live TV and full episodes of current TV shows—to your tablet, smartphone, laptop, or PC. And it works from anywhere you have an internet signal! Visit to register or for more information.

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