Safeguarding the Family Internet

With CentraGuard from CentraCom, you can manage any device in your home.

Your kids are spending more time on the internet. Managing your family’s internet means you can regulate ALL of your connected devices individually. That includes computers, tablets, gaming consoles, phones, smart TVs — you name it. There’s no software to install, and CentraGuard includes the mobile app so you can control your network from anywhere.

Manage Screen Time

Set Internet access schedules for each person. For example, filter social media at set times of the day. Or shut off the kids’ access to the Internet completely during dinner and a bedtime.

Filter Content

Control access to specific websites or categories, hour by hour, day by day. Get protection from harmful content. Each category contains millions of websites and is constantly updated.

Track Browsing History

View web use and browsing history data right at your fingertips. Now you can see what’s happening online in your home in real time even when you’re not there.

Safe Search

When Safe Search is locked on, it helps block explicit images, videos and websites from search results.

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Download the convenient mobile App to control of all your family's devices from anywhere! (Requires the CentraWifi Blast Router.)

CentraGuard App on AndroidCentraGuard App on iOS


/ Month

CentraGuard with CentraWiFi Blast

  • Manage Screen Time
  • Filter content by category, website, or app.
  • View device internet usage
  • Internet Pause Button
  • Safe Search
  • Youtube Restricted Mode
  • Device-level Control
  • Bandwidth Monitoring
  • Speed Testing
  • Virus & Malware protection with CentraWiFi Blast Router
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How-to vidoes to get most from your CentraGuard

Set up Basic Parental Controls (included with CentraWiFi Blast)

Setup and Use CentraGuard Parental Controls