2019 CentraCom Employees Donate to Charity

CentraCom Employee Donations

Each year, CentraCom employees donate a portion of their salary to charity. This year the employees donated over $4,400 and the CentraCom executives looked for the best place to use the donations.

“Every year we are amazed at the generosity of our employees”, stated Eddie Cox, CentraCom General Manager.


Sanpete Food Pantry
The Sanpete Food Pantry is under new management. CentraCom met with the new director that had previously been directing donor relations for Snow College and we are confident the donated money will be spent well and the Sanpete Pantry will be successful. We encourage everyone support the Sanpete Pantry.

Eric and Claudia Fossum
A tragic event to a couple in our community suffered a devastating auto accident. Eric and Claudia Fossum were hit by a drunk driver south of Mt. Pleasant in October 2019. They suffered critical injuries and are still recovering. More information at https://www.heraldextra.com. We hope the funds donated will help with their recovery expenses.

A single mother with kids
A hard-working mother with 2 jobs, in the middle of a nasty divorce, was on the verge of losing her house and had no money for Christmas presents. CentraCom wanted to help the children have a joyful Christmas.

Light the World
We also felt the Light The World campaign is a great way to make sure every dollar donated is used for the charity. CentraCom's donated funds were used to buy: 1000 Dinners, 40 Holiday Meals for families, 50 Take Home Meals for a child. And many others including: Reliable Toilets for schools, installing multiple wells in other countries, chickens, sheep, and pigs, comfort blankets, back to school gear, trauma support kits, nights of safe shelter for homeless, art supplies, childcare, and child abuse prevention classes.

And we are sorry to report we broke the kiosk by making such a large donation. However, we have been assured that it was temporary and the kiosk is up and running now.

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And we encourage everyone to help someone this season.