It's Your Lucky Day

New lower price for CentraGuard

Inflation got you feeling down? Do a leprechaun jig because it’s your lucky day! We have some news that will make you smile. CentraCom has dropped the price of CentraGaurd to $3.95 per month. Considering all the benefits of CentraGuard through the CentraWiFi Hub, a price drop is a great deal!

Those of you already enjoying CentraGuard’s benefits know CentraGuard is like hiring a watchdog for your Wi-Fi. You set the priorities, rules and perimeters and CentraGuard does the rest. Here is a list of the benefits of letting CentraGuard work for you.

PRIORITIZE your bandwidth by telling CentraGuard what devices get to use bandwidth first. If you work from home, you can set your computer and your phone as first priority. If you want to do a family movie night, set your streaming device as the priority. Rewarding your kids with game time? Set your priority to your gaming device. You choose what your network priorities are ensuring you always have the bandwidth you need.

SCHEDULE specific times for your network priorities. Set your schedule for how you use your Wi-Fi. Set your work hours as a top priority during the day then program a switch to another schedule for the best entertainment in the evenings. Setting a schedule for usage times can automate priorities according to your usage.

FILTER content to restrict or allow what comes through to your devices. Keep your browsing age-appropriate with the ability to block content by categories, websites, or URLs. These filters can be set by groups allowing you to decide what content is seen on each device.

CHECK USAGE for each device in your home. This allows you to view how much time is being spent on each device at any given time.

SELECT specific devices to dedicate tip bandwidth. Choose your work laptop, XBOX, 4K TV, or whatever matters most as your first priority of bandwidth usage.

CREATE BALANCE by turning off or pausing WiFi to accommodate for bedtime schedules or usage limits. With the touch of a toggle switch, you can turn on/off screen time to maintain a harmonious balance in your home.

SET UP profiles for every internet user in your home, including guests, for a tailored internet experience for each individual user.

We know not every internet user is the same. CentraGuard allows you to customize the best WiFi experience for every user in your home. It’s like you are the patron of your network giving your family the ‘pot of gold’ WiFi experience.

Visit or call 1-800-427-8449 today to get signed up today.

CentraWiFi Blast
CentraWiFi Blast Router gives you WiFi-6 whole home mesh coverage. Also, inlcudes home network protection from malware, viruses and network instrusions.