Fiber, Cable, Wireless, What's the Difference?

Fiber, Cable, Wireless, What's the Difference?

Navigating the maze of internet connection options can leave you feeling lost in a sea of technical jargon. CentraCom is here to help you make sense of all the information. We are committed to using the latest internet technology to bring you the best internet experience possible.

This article explains the different connection types CentraCom uses and how they work.

Fiber Optic

Fiber internet is quickly becoming the standard in residential internet. With fiber, data is transmitted with flashes of light directed through flexible strands of glass or plastic surrounded by a reflective cladding that increases the efficiency of the signal. Because of the nature of the technology, fiber is very reliable in any circumstance. And since fiber connections are synchronous (meaning the same upload and download speeds), it is the best service for all applications.

CentraCom technicians are laying fiber at an incredibly fast pace throughout our service areas. The company’s goal is to have fiber to every home in our coverage areas.

Cable Modem (or Wired)

A cable (or wired) connection has been the standard in home internet for several years. This is the same connection that provides cable television to your home. Electric signals are sent over copper coax cables to transmit data.

Cable is the standard for a reason. It works well in delivering very fast download speeds. But download and upload speeds are asynchronous on cable, meaning upload speeds are not as fast as download speeds on this type of connection. The cable infrastructure can also be affected by weather and other environmental factors.

CentraWave (Fixed Wireless)

Wireless works in a very similar way to your cell phone. CentraCom has towers in almost every coverage area to provide this type of service. CentraCom connects each tower with fiber optic service which then wirelessly connects to a dish on your house to provide you with home internet.

CentraCom uses the latest wireless technology to transmit the signal efficiently over long distances that are less affected by interference from structures and trees. This is a great option and is widely available in areas outside of city limits


CentraCom is committed to bringing you the fastest, most reliable internet possible. We use these technologies to accomplish that job. Our customer service representatives are ready and excited tot alk to you and get you connected. They know which option is available at your location for the best service. Call us at 1-800-427-8449 to learn more!