Netflix Caching Server installed


CentraCom has installed a Netflix Caching Server that dramatically optimizes the streaming capability of Netflix® videos. This service greatly reduces and may even eliminate the typical buffering time associated with streaming Netflix® movies. And the best part: it is included automatically on all CentraCom Internet accounts.

The caching server contains over 25,000 of the most popular streaming shows. Each evening Netflix® analyzes the popular shows and updates the server on the CentraCom network with those new shows. When a CentraCom Internet customer watches one of the videos stored on the caching server, that video is streamed directly to them from the server without using the Internet (only using the CentraCom’s internal network).

While the caching server service is included with all CentraCom Internet packages, customers will need to setup a Netflix® account to stream video content from the Netflix Caching Server.