CentraCom Installs Utah's First 100 Gig Network

Utah’s first 100 Gigabit fiber optic metro backbone is now available expanding industry capabilities for faster growth with benefits for business, healthcare, education and more.


CentraCom is committed to provide the highest quality service possible. Much has been touted about 1 Gig Internet speeds, but CentraCom has installed a metro backbone network now capable of 100 times more. The new network is a ring from Salt Lake City to Spanish Fork and back. CentraCom is a primary high-capacity circuit provider for schools, hospitals, municipalities and many high-tech businesses throughout Utah. Now CentraCom is truly an end to end solution. They partnered with MRV to provide the technology needed to build the network with the most capability to serve all of their customers by providing a full solution with stable interoperability. They have had a long standing relationship with MRV in the past who proved to have very high quality equipment and support.

This new network is a major investment. As demand continues to grow for more reliability and capacity, CentraCom is now positioned to handle this growing demand. The new 100 Gbps network makes CentraCom a long-term solution for the bandwidth demands now and well into the future.

CentraCom is using the new Optipacket and Optidriver platforms by MRV. With 100 Gig metro backbone to support the current Ethernet bandwidth, CentraCom can turn up new customers from 10 Mbps to 50 Gbps+ Ethernet services in as little as 24 hours. CentraCom will be able to add additional 100 Gbps as demand increases.

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CentraCom provides a complete range of telecommunications products. Since 1903, CentraCom Interactive has been providing local telephone services. Now CentraCom provides high-speed Internet service, Cable TV service and high-capacity fiber optic circuits throughout Utah and parts of Eastern Nevada.

For more information please call (801) 854-5000 or by visiting centracom.com