CentraCom Technology Store

CentraCom Technology Store

Computer Repair

Virus Removal

We are trained and certified to successfully remove deep-rooted virus and malware infections, while still protecting your data and other things that are important to you.

Computer Tune-ups

We perform tune-ups, paying attention to details and cleaning every nook and cranny inside the operating system. Your computer will be running as fast as the day you bought it!

Learn New Computer Skills

CentraCom Technology Store offers computer classes. Learn about Windows, Microsoft Office programs, email basics, and more. More information coming soon.

CentraCom Technology Store Computer Repair
Computer Repair

CentraCom Technology Store can tune up your computer, anything from hardware replacement, speed tune up, to virus removal. Bring your machine in and get it running like new.

CentraCom Technology Store Copy Center
Copy Center & Office Supplies

CentraCom Technology Store has a complete copy center, with copiers from standard black and white to color. We can copy blueprints. Plus, find all the paper and scrap booking supplies you need.